Sister Act Designs specializes in renting unique, on-trend, decorative items for the "Budget Savvy Bride."

The adventure began when we, "The Three Schulz Sisters," started to plan our own weddings.  Each of us wanted to have a wedding that was different and unique. We loved finding and creating beautiful things that weren’t in the "cookie cutter" wedding.  After looking online and not finding what we needed to rent, we began to purchase and make the items that would make each of our weddings truly our own! Now that all three of us are married and have had the wedding of our dreams, we ended up with a house full of wedding decor- yikes! Many friends asked if they could borrow our items for their own events, but it was when the caterer at the last Schulz wedding asked to buy our wedding designs that we knew we had something we could share with others!

Weddings are EXPENSIVE and TIME CONSUMING!!! Sister Act Designs wants to make life easier for the budget savvy bride. We know what it is like to try and put on a wedding by yourself and how the design and financial aspect can be overwhelming! It is our desire to help make your life easier when decorating for your special day without having to buy a bunch of "stuff" that you will only use for one night! We specialize in different looks ranging from wrought iron, European elegance to the rustic, shabby chic décor.  Sister Act Designs is here for the "do it yourself" bride.... that might need just a little help.

Our Warmest Wedding Wishes,

The Schulz Sisters